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In Satellite 6.7 is there a way to do a query of all hosts by a specific ip range (i.e. 192.168.1.*) to produce a list of servers assigned to that address?


Hi Steve,

I think you can do this by creating a host group with the systems in that subnet. You'll have to make that host group first. Alternatively, if you have Ansible (paid or the non-tower-free version), you could send an "Ansible Playbook" to the clients on that subnet with the query you're interested in.

I don't have a fast answer on how to harvest your specific hosts to a specific subnet, but you can't be the only one to do this.


Steve, stand by for another update from a true Satellite guru...


An easy way to do this is via search. Try something like has_ip ~ "172.17.0.*" in your search bar on the "All Hosts" page.

Alternatively, with the hammer command, you can do something like hammer host list --search "has_ip ~ "172.17.0.*""

Thanks Rich!