OCP 4 UPI vSphere install without access to vCenter

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Im trying to perform a OCP 4 UPI install on vSphere in a "semi restricted" environment and I am a bit confused about the correct way to do this since this cluster will not have access to vCenter.
It will use a proxy for internet access.

If I leave out the platform vsphere part in the install-config.yaml and only have:

  vsphere: {}

The installer complains that I need to specify vcenter, cluster etc.
So I am left with the option to either do a baremetal setup like:

  none: {}

But I am unsure if the correct cluster vsphere software components will be installed with that option.

I guess I could do something like:

    cluster: xyz
    datacenter: xyz
    defaultDatastore: xyz
    password: xyz
    username: xyz
    vCenter: null.dummy.domain

But I am unsure if that will cause the install to fail ...

Thanks for any clarification ...


Found the answer: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/4105151