RHEL - 8.3 - Not being able to wake server after it went into Suspended Mode

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RHEL 8.3 on bare metal server (AMD Phenom 1090T Six Core Processor, Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H Mother board, 24 GB RAM) went into suspension due to non usage for about 15 minutes under Power Management.

Now it wakes up with blank black screen, even after hard reset (5 seconds of power button press), the situation remains the same.

Even when the boot HDD has been removed and a new blank HDD replaces in its place, the situation remains the same. System does NOT have any other storage except for the boot HDD, NO SDD exists. Now since BIOS cannot be reached, hence RHEL cannot even be re-installed, nor any grub command be executed.

Please advise how to resolve this situation.


I even tried removing the power chord, and removing the CMOS battery for about 4 hours, but still when starting after reassemble, same problem exists, all the fans started running albiet in slow mode but blank / black screen.

Now How do I do anything when even the BIOS is not displayed, please help me.

This was a burnt Power Supply (SMPS) issue.

Hi Amit Tyagi,

I'm glad you found the specific issue here. Thanks for letting us know.