drive icons in gnome for removable media

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It used to be the case that after inserting a usb drive (or removable media in gneral) an icon would appear on the desktop.

What setting needs to be changed to make that happen again?




Hi Ron, it depends on your RHEL version and GNOME session type (standard, classic). Can you please be more concrete about your case?

oops, I assumed only the latest versions were discussed, sorry.

I am running RHEL 8.3 and gnome 3.32.2



Hi Ron, I am afraid it is not possible in RHEL 8, unfortunately. This feature has been added upstream quite recently. The latest version of the extension requires gnome-shell 3.38 at least, so manual installation probably won't work properly. So I would suggest you file a new feature request for the gnome-shell-extensions component.

ah, so let's say that's not going to happen anytime soon, for that yo return, until at least 3.38

I am a little surprised though, about the gnome features, it seems like the philosophy shifted to "Hey let's not allow anything to be put on the desktop, and turn everything else off."

The fact that the current upstream version requires gnome-shell 3.38 doesn't mean that this feature can't be backported to gnome-shell-extensions in RHEL 8.