the latest version curl for redhat 5

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I would like to know how to get the latest version curl for the redhat 5.

my current version curl 7.15



Hello Van-Luc Huynh

The apparent latest version of curl for RHEL 5 is Package - curl-7.15.5-17.el5_9.i386.rpm SHA-256: 667332bc523d50046c3b618c9b92f5002ae0caaeb56d8eeebe27ebc85d44bf10.

Please very seriously consider upgrading to a more current version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) because RHEL 5 is terribly outdated and no longer under support and really should not be used. There are very high security risks using RHEL 5 since it is not receiving updates. This link gives information on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle.

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