Upgrade RHEL 8.1 to 8.2 Without Satellite Server

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hi All , Any one have experience on upgrading Redhat 8.1 to 8.2 Without Satellite Server.

Thanks In Advance.


Hi Ameriprise Unix,

thanks for updating the title.

so the confusion has been removed, as with or without Satellite usage, requires completely different approaches.


Jan Gerrit


For non SAP system, you can do a without satellite update this way, just download the full DVD ISO.

mount -o loop "DVD.iso" /mnt

create a yum repo file

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/DVD.repo

add these lines:



Be aware I write this from the top of my head I may have made some type errors in directory names.

You have to change the name of the DVD.iso in the mount command.

For SAP (HANA) you miss too many repos to stay out of trouble


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan , Thanks for your response. Corrected the title .

Is it possible to download upgrade package only and update as server is running with SAP HANA . so i thing good approach should be package update instead of full ISO . is it possible ?

Hi Ameriprise,

SAP HANA is not my cup of tea, certainly not without a Satellite.

I can try to find another volunteer to ask for an advise, I cannot tell you when someone can answer your question.

I advise you to open a support case for this too.


Jan Gerrit

ok , Just keep HANA aside as we can shutdown Hana and do the Redhat update . But is there a way to update Redhat from 8.1 to 8.2 with Package update or only option is full blown update with ISO only .

Hi Ameriprise,

It is not a full blown update.

It is an update where you use the DVD iso as the repository.

So it will find only the package required to be updated under /mnt.

The issue at hand is that it will not find the SAP HANA repo, as it is not on the DVD.


Jan Gerrit

Ok Thanks for your response. , So what is you advice in this Scenario as i will update SAP HANA separately.

I deleted the text here after reading the post of John T Miles.

So do not try an offline update using a DVD iso, as described above.

Long story short, it's not completely possible without networked content. There are several Hana required channels which aren't part of the DVD. The big ones will be, the custom c libraries, sap rpms, pacemaker, system role, and tuned profiles. Since those won't be patched, you'll be in the middle of 8.1 and 8.2. The additional complication will be patching outside of the e4s mix. Other packages may end up where they shouldn't be.

My advise: open a support case

Downloading a the needed packages one by one may take ages.

You should also be able to use a SAP solutions license to register directly to the RHN. All of the channels would then be available as an internet repository. You would need to ensure you subscribe to E4S channels. They will keep you at the version you register the system against (In this case 8.2)