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Can someone please provide me with the step by step directions on installing and configuring accts and the FTP for RHEL ?? Thank you in advance


Hi John,

if you do not require GUI interface, then RHEL supports vsftpd through its standard repositories. It should be on your installation media. Red Hat provides full support for vsftpd:


If you want GUI ,then let's look at ProFTPD, for example. It is part of EPEL repository.

One of simple ways to enable EPEL repository (EPEL 7 packages assume that the 'optional' repository (rhel-7-server-optional-rpms for servers) and the 'extras' repository (rhel-7-server-extras-rpms for servers) are enabled):

$ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms --enable rhel-7-server-extras-rpms

Then you simply use standard RPM tools (yum, dnf) to install proFTPD.

Next stage are configurations. Youc an do it manyally (edit files), or using GUI.

If it is manual, typically you start by changing /etc/proftpd.conf. More details for proFTPD config are at:


If you want to use GUI to manage proFTPD, then one of the suggestions is to use Webmin. Examples of how to do it:




Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)