Do the point releases (ie 8.1 8.3) of RHEL have the same EOL dates?

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Trying to figure out if the point releases have the same support time lines as the major release? I have a vendor ask that we stay on 8.1 for one of our servers and wanted to verify that patches would continue to be availible for it.



For technical support, yes. During the supported lifecycle we'll help you use and configure any earlier minor release.

For "development support" or the releasing of packages, no the lifecycles are different.

The current minor release receives backports of important patches which also go into the future minor release.

For example: Today the current minor release is 8.3. If we're fixing something in 8.4 and that thing is important enough, then we may also fix it in 8.3 now.

However, once 8.4 releases then we will look towards fixing things in 8.5, and backporting to the current 8.4.

This means if you call up with say 8.1 today, and we've fixed something in RHEL 8.3, then you need to update to the later package to get the fix.

You may also use our Extended Update Support, where you attach a system to a particular minor release with a longer lifespan, and can request important backports into that minor release. The RHEL lifecycle page describes the current EUS releases for RHEL 8 and their end dates:

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, EUS is planned for RHEL 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.6, and 8.8 (see above chart).

  • 8.1 (ends November 30, 2021)
  • 8.2 (ends April 30, 2022)

The EUS releases are intended to provide a longer lifecycle, but they don't last forever. Not every minor release will become an EUS release.

The lifecycle isn't simple, so please do ask if we can clarify anything more!

I would like to be sure if version 8.3 is still supported (if so, until when?) or not supported anymore.

Usage and configuration support is still provided on RHEL 8.3, but it's not seeing updates anymore.

If you run into a problem on RHEL 8.3 which needs an update, you will need to install a package from the more recent RHEL 8.4 or 8.5.

Are patches currently being back ported to 7.8 from 7.9?

Also when you wrote that we could request important back ports for say 8.1, does that include security patches are would those automatically get back ported?


7.8 didn't have an EUS, so there are no more fixes into 7.8 again.

There are some criteria for considering EUS fixes. It has to be technically possible. Scope is usually limited to production-affecting issues (i.e. Sev1/2 support cases). The package must be on the EUS package list.

Some bug and security fixes are deemed important enough that we proactively backport them, some are not and we won't backport those without a customer request.

Okay, thanks for the information!