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Hello everyone. With the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 release, two additional module streams were introduced - perl-libwww-perl:6.34 and perl-IO-Socket-SSL:2.066. The above allows the above module streams to be used for the available perl runtimes. However, as a result, the previously non-modular RPMs are now superseded by the modular revisions. There has been a persistent erratum notification that suggests updating the non-modular RPMs, despite my system being up-to-date with the modular revisions. Is there a way to get rid of this annoying and false notification? I am providing the article 5580601 from knowledgebase for reference. Thanks in advance.


Hi Nikos,

What I wrote in our other discussion is still valid, and the workaround also. The Knowledgebase article mainly points out that the
history undo option is not supported in this case, which means that you first have to remove the module version and then install
the "normal version" ... for your convenience I'm gonna provide the relevant commands again - in case you haven't done it yet. :)

Quote : "As the transition from modular RPM content to non-modular RPMs is not supported at this time, the yum history undo
operation fails due to being unable to restore the previous versions which are filtered." Workaround, to get rid of the massages :
(I applied this operation months ago, and the errata notification never re-appeared since ... package versions are still the same.)

sudo dnf module disable perl*

sudo dnf remove perl-IO-Socket-SSL
sudo dnf remove perl-libwww-perl

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

sudo dnf install perl-IO-Socket-SSL
sudo dnf install perl-libwww-perl

sudo subscription-manager refresh


Thanks, Christian. I used your workout in the past. I left the system as you suggested for four days but nothing changed. After that, when I upgraded my system, the newer RPMs came back and ... this is how the story goes. What I mean is that I can't avoid upgading to the newer packages, resulting in having this notification about the older ones. I guess I have to live with that false notification. Thanks for your concern, anyway.

Hi Nikos,

Please execute sudo subscription-manager repos --list-enabled ... then check again after an hour.
Of course the commands I have provided have to be executed beforehand because otherwise it won't work.
This might sound strange, it sounds strange to me too ... but for whatever reason this refreshes the status. :)


Hi Nikos,

I once again took a deeper look at what's the current situation and want to give you the information on how exactly the settings
are on my systems, where that notification disappeared, after I had applied the workaround solution we've been talking about. :)

sudo dnf module list --disabled | grep perl
perl               5.24 [x]      common [d], minimal Practical Extraction and Report Language                   
perl               5.26 [d][x]   common [d], minimal Practical Extraction and Report Language                   
perl               5.30 [x]      common [d], minimal Practical Extraction and Report Language                   
perl-App-cpanminus 1.7044 [d][x] common [d]          Get, unpack, build and install CPAN modules                
perl-DBD-MySQL     4.046 [d][x]  common [d]          A MySQL interface for Perl                                 
perl-DBD-Pg        3.7 [d][x]    common [d]          A PostgreSQL interface for Perl                            
perl-DBD-SQLite    1.58 [d][x]   common [d]          SQLite DBI driver                                          
perl-DBI           1.641 [d][x]  common [d]          A database access API for Perl                             
perl-FCGI          0.78 [d][x]   common [d]          FastCGI Perl bindings                                      
perl-IO-Socket-SSL 2.066 [d][x]  common [d]          Perl library for transparent TLS                           
perl-YAML          1.24 [d][x]   common [d]          Perl parser for YAML                                       
perl-libwww-perl   6.34 [d][x]   common [d]          A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web

sudo dnf list installed | grep perl-IO-Socket-SSL
perl-IO-Socket-SSL        noarch        2.066-4.el8        rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms
sudo dnf list installed | grep perl-libwww-perl
perl-libwww-perl          noarch        6.34-1.el8         rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms  



As you see, the non-module versions match the latest stable module versions, so disabling the perl modules indeed is the solution.
And, this makes perfect sense ... if the modules are disabled, module package versions should not get offered as an update, right ?


Hi Christian, did you come to a solution already ? All my redhat 8.3 servers showing the same behaviour. I disabled all perl dnf modules and freeradius, for some reason i don't really understand. I didn't enable freeradius ;-) @RedHat Before submitting a support request, can you fix it ?

Regards, Franz

Hi Franz,

Unfortunately there is no other solution than the one I provided above available currently.
But this workaround solves the problem until Red Hat implements a fix, perhaps in 8.4 ? :)


Hi Christian, unfortunately, the fix doesn't work for my 8.3 hosts. Sit and wait ;-)

Strange, Franz ... I deployed a new system this week - and it just worked, right as on all other ones. :)