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My email address is (X) in the redhat customer portal. My company has changed our branding and my email is now (X). I would like my email changed as well as my userid for the portal which is my email address.



Hi Cameron,

Please remove the email addresses, for this is a customer forum that is crawled by Google, so you may wish to avoid spam.

The requested changes have to done by the Customer Services


Jan Gerrit

Hi Cameron,

Welcome to the Red Hat Customer Portal community ! :)

First of all, please remove your private credentials (mail address) - they are considered sensitive private data.
You can change your mail address here ->

Your user ID (Red Hat Login) cannot be changed once the account is created ... you have to create a new one.
Alternatively create a new user here ->


Hi Cameron - I updated your post to remove and protect your personal information. Please refer to the resources Christian shared or contact Customer Service directly to have your email updated!

Thanks- Tess

Thank you, Teresa for having removed Cameron's private information ... oh, and Welcome to our community, Tess ! :)



Teresa, you may not see this, but welcome.

Thanks Christian!

Teresa ... to be precise, my friend ! :)

WOW ... that was a quick correction ... You're welcome, RJ ! :)

Thank you, RJ and Christian! :)

Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the forum from the last of the three musketeers :).


Jan Gerrit