no MAC delivery to DHCP server in Rhel 8 dhcp client

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I have a RHEL 8 virtual machine in vWare, which from the eth0 interface requests ip to the DCHP server which is a Windows operating system, when the RHEL 8 machine requests to reserve the ip, the dhcp server is not saving the MAC of the eth0 card in El which is in the "unique ID" field you are saving is a different combination than MAC, but this does not happen in rhel 7 versions, any suggestions?


We have the same error

[root@DHCPRH8_TFM network-scripts]# nmcli con up ens192 Error: Connection activation failed: IP configuration could not be reserved (no available address, timeout, etc.)

I have a rhel 8 server that acts as a dhcp client, when it comes to connecting with dhcp server "windows" it does not make the reservation by MAC