Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working in RHEL 8.3

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I have installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 in my laptop which is Dell XPS 15. I am getting following errors:

No Wi-Fi Adapter Found (Make sure you have a Wi-Fi adapter plugged and turned on)

No Bluetooth Found (Plug in a dongle to use Blueetoth.

It is completely fresh installation, I connected a usb-c dongle and connected it with ethernet cable when I was installing it. I have done a bit of research everywhere, it looks like somehow my laptop has not turned on wifi & bluetooth for red hat linux or I have read that it could be because my laptop is in airplane mode.

I have looked everywhere for airplane mode option and how to disable it, I cannot seem to find anything.

Anyone have any idea about this?

lspci command

no wifi adapter found


ip addr


Following is my wi-fi and Bluetooth model. "Killer™ Wi-fi 6 AX500-DBS (2x2) and Bluetooth 5.1"

It's likely RHEL 8 is missing some driver support. It may be added in a later minor release.

You could try the later kernel from ELRepo until RHEL 8 catches up.

You could also use a different distro with a newer kernel like Fedora or Ubuntu.

I honestly don't wanna try any other distro, I like red hat for many reasons and I feel it's the best one in the market as well. Just wondering, any idea about timeframe when can we expect this driver update? Thank you!

If you run lspci -nn | egrep "Eth|Net" what device is shown?

Network : Qualcomm device 1101 (rev 01)


The -nn flag is very important. It will show the device ID pairing.

Please find screenshot attached above!

ELRepo's kernel-ml natively runs on your RHEL system. You really want to give it a try, even for testing purposes. It will tell you if the latest upstream (kernel.org) kernel supports your device.

I have updated post with couple of screenshot. Please have a look and let me know what I am missing? I have connected my RHEL machine for short time with external wlan dongle but I need some permanent solution for wifi adapter.

The Linux driver PCI ID 17cb:1101 is under development and not finished yet.

This person managed to compile an out-of-tree driver on recent Ubuntu, but those exact steps won't work for RHEL. They may not work at all, as RHEL's 4.18-based kernel might not have some things that Ubuntu's 5.4-based kernel has:


For now, perhaps the wifi card is some sort of replaceable device (like Mini PCIe or M.2) and you can get a different card which does have Linux support.

Otherwise, you will need to wait for the driver to land in stable upstream, then either use the ELRepo kernel or wait for it to be backported to RHEL.

Do you have idea how can we track this sort of stuff with Red Hat team?

The hardware vendor needs to actually create the driver first.

There is a Fedora bug which is closed because there is currently nothing to track.

What are the chances if I remove wireless card ax500-dbs and install another in my laptop and it will work? If yes so, what wireless card do you recommend will work with Red Hat. Thank you!

which card would you recommend. I have got Dell XPS 15 9500 with Core i9 processor. Will it create any sort of issues for me later on or something?

Sometimes laptop vendors lock down the system BIOS/firmware so that only a certain wireless cards work. I would ask Dell about that first.

Looking in the Service Manual for various XPS 15 models (7590 and 9570), they all appear to be an M.2 card. I am not familiar with a list of M.2 wireless cards which definitely work on RHEL8.

Dell apparently sell the XPS 13 with the AX1650 wireless (PCI ID 8086:06f0). Unfortunately, there are many devices with that PCI ID but different "PCI Subsystem" numbers, so it's not possible to say exactly if a device will or won't work without having the device PCI ID and Subsystem numbers beforehand.

The two models called "AX1650" I see working in RHEL 8.2 onwards are:

0x06F0, 0x1651, ax1650s
0x06F0, 0x1652, ax1650i

Also please don't misunderstand this as any sort of official or unofficial promise that these devices definitely will work. I don't know if Red Hat have one of these devices and have specifically tested it. I'm just working with web searches and the RHEL source.

You are very welcome to write to Dell and ask them to sell laptops which are certified as being compatible with RHEL. We provide vendors an entire certification suite and catalog to make this possible.

Red Hat team please do something about this!

Hi, i had RHEL 8.4 on my hp core i5 with 16gb ram and 250 ssd but the WiFi on RHEL 8.4 is not enabling