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Hey guys,

I am new to RHEL 8 for workstation. Hope to get advice on how I can resolve the issue of not able to turn on wifi and wifi setting indicates no wifi adapter found. Currently using ethernet now.

Thanks very much!



Hi P (?),

Please check if the matching drivers for your wireless device are installed - and if they are not, install them ... if they are available. :)


Tks for replying Christian. I am on 8.1, and I am using an Intel Wireless-AC 9560, and when I do a 'dnf search wireless' cmd, I see 'iwl7260-firmware.noarch : Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 726x/8000/9000 Series: Adapters'. Will this suffice or it must show exact wireless driver name?

I went ahead to install it, but still, no wifi adapter is found.

Also, I can't even turn on wifi in the gui

Looks like this is a known issue with AC 9560:


Hey Akemi,

Tks loads for the headsup that I ain't the only one in misery :)

Hey Akemi, are you a RHEL sysadmin perhaps?

Hi P (?),

Akemi is more than that ... he is one of the ELRepo maintainers - and he is one of our most valuable members ! :)


Hi Akemi,

Question : Can possibly a combination of your ELRepo kernel and the latest fedora wifi drivers and firmware solve P's problem ?
Unfortunately I cannot test this scenario, because I don't have an intel wireless device from the 9560 series - it's just an idea ... :)


Hi Christian,

Generally speaking, ELRepo's kernels work only with RHEL (and its rebuilds). But things like firmware may be less OS-dependent, and what is available for Fedora might work. Like yourself, I cannot test it either. :(

Thank you, Akemi ! :) Unfortunately I don't have any other idea that could help to solve P's problem.


Hi Akemi, Christian,

Tks so much for your quick responses ....Didn't know I am in the presence of gurus here ...haha :)

Had this same issue when I was using Fedora Server 33. I downloaded a wpa_supplicant, enable it and it worked! I will see how.

I am back to using Fedora 33 workstation for now, and setup a vmware for RHEL 7 server to play with it instead.

I am trying to learn RHEL to go for the sysadmin cert - will practising on Fedora 33 Workstation be just as good or I gotta really use the real stuff?

You're welcome, P (?) ... really curious what the "P" stands for. :) Well, this is exactly what I'm doing - running
RHEL 8.3 in virtual machines on top of my fedora 33 workstation. But why vmware ? Running VMs using the
built-in KVM (libvirt/qemu) virtualization works perfectly fine out-of-the-box. Practicing for Sysadmin Cert
is indeed recommended to do be done with "the real stuff" - the two systems are different in many aspects.