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All Accelerators to be,

at the start of the month our fellow forum member and fellow Accelerator Christian Labisch wrote Red Hat Accelerators - program officially launched

In his post Christian already told you some great things about our team.

Today (26-oct-2020) our program manager Jeff Jameson published his blog The Red Hat Accelerators Wear Many Fedoras to tell you what the Accelerators mean to Red Hat.

So what can you , and what should you contribute?
What seems little to you can mean a lot to us!

If you decide to join us: Read more and/or apply here


Jan Gerrit


Do we know what the turnaround time is to hear back from the Accelerator team about our applications?

Hi Stephen,

There is no exact feedback time, the program team carefully checks if applications match the Program Terms.
Red Hat Accelerators is a unique community and one rule is "quality beats quantity". So, please be patient ... :)


No worries, was just curious.

Can fully understand you, Stephen ! :)

Hi Stephen,

To remind you how to get some information:

A quote from the application page, the terms tab:

What is the process for becoming a Red Hat Accelerator?

point 3. Receive a response within 4-6 weeks of submission

If you have a question, please send an email to:

As team members, we do not manage the mailbox, it is managed by the program management team


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan,

Thanks for pointing this explicitly out ... I have provided Stephen with the link to the Program Terms already. :)


Yup - I'm pretty sure I meet all the criteria. I'll check with them if I haven't heard anything by December!

Never be too sure, Stephen ... surprises are just around the corner. :D :D :D ... Joke (of course) ! :)