RHEL8 exam root password break issue

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I had an RHCSA exam few days ago. On the node2, when I was trying to set the root password and was on grub menu, I hit e and entered rd.break at the end of the linux line and hit control x. I was on the switch_root/: line and then I was trying to enter command mount -o remount,rw /sysroot. Everytime I was trying to enter this command, the system would throw error and not let me finish. Then I would restart and try again and it would throw error again. I talked to the proctor and he said I have to resolve this by myself.

Note: rhgb quit was also missing in the line where we enter rd.break, but I tried that on personal computer at home and it worked fine.

Does anyone else have faced this issue and do you know how to resolve it?


Hi Prabhjeet,

That could be due to SELinux, you could set"enforcing=0" along with rd.break parameter that could help you to reset root password. Don't forget to run "touch /.autorelabel" before exit from the shell.

Please refer this link for more details https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/7/html/system_administrators_guide/ch-Working_with_the_GRUB_2_Boot_Loader#proc-Resetting_the_Root_Password_Using_rd_break

All the best!

Prabhjeet Gill

Please also join learn.redhat.com where their discussion forums are geared specifically for those learning Red Hat technologies. There are discussion threads specifically addressing that topic on resetting root including a method for large SAN/RAID connected systems and also this solution, see comments from July 8th.


Mounting command is before any SELinux, so it should not be the issue here. If you ever see anything like this - check what is currently mounted. Was /sysroot already mounted (readonly) or not at all? Maybe you were trying to run: mount -o rw /sysroot (without remount) Or maybe mount -remount,rw (without -o) ?
Could happen if you are during exam. I recommend to do in such case: man mount; and then search for 'readonly' - this will show an example.