What is the difference between Openshift CodeReady Containers and Openshift Origin

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Can somebody help me understanding the difference between Openshift CodeReady Containers and Openshift Origin. I want to try Openshift cluster in my Ubuntu laptop. Which one to use to start with Openshift?


Hi Manas,

At the most basic level, OpenShift CodeReady Containers does provide the platform which is used for testing/POC but not for enterprise version. OpenShift Origin is the upstream for OpenShift Container Platform which later become OKD https://www.okd.io/

All the best!

Hi Manas,

As Sadashiva said, OKD (formerly OpenShift Origin) is the upstream project for OCP, both provide 'full cluster' installation.
Technically spoken, one main difference is that CodeReady Containers can get installed on a "one node" (laptop) machine.

So if you want to test OpenShift on your laptop, CodeReady Containers is exactly what you need. Please note that ubuntu
is not officially supported, you'll have to take care for the prerequisites yourself - Red Hat systems are officially supported.

You may want to consider switching to fedora, it gives you "the latest and greatest", while at the same time being stable. :)