Installing Satellite Server 6.7 on RHEL 8?

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So, it seems we can't install Satellite server 6.7 on RHEL 8 yet?


Hi Shisheer,

No, unfortunately not ... Satellite 6.x will stay on RHEL 7 - we'll have to wait on which RHEL editions Satellite 7 can get installed. :)


Hello Shisheer,

The current Red Hat documentation says only RHEL 7.x is supported for installation of the satellite itself. Always update your satellite first where possible to the latest release of Red Hat Linux (so in this case, as I type this in October of 2020, that would be RHEL 7.9)

Also at this link:

    While Satellite 6.7 beta supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 hosts, it is important to note that Satellite 6.7 must be installed on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 host.  Support for running Satellite itself on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 host is scheduled for a later release.

I'm about to test this against an RHEL 7.9 system this week and I'll post here.


Hello, to have also some answer from a Red Hat guy, I can only second what others said. Satellite6 will stay on RHEL7 only, planned evolution in Satellite7 will be supported on higher version(s) of RHEL for sure.

Also, see this discussion.