Question on how Gnome Keyring works

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Running RHEL 7.4 and using Google Chrome v64.

I've created an icon for Google Chrome on my Gnome Desktop, however when clicking on that icon, I get the following message "enter password to unlock your login keyring."

This RHEL Workstation is joined to a Windows Domain via sssd and we log into the Workstation with a pin that we have created and a code generated by an RSA Token.

So I'm not sure how to log correctly into the Gnome Keyring (or is this Seahorse, not sure?) in order to launch Google Chrome. I've tried a local user account and password, along with pin and code from the RSA Token and it doesn't work. Typically I click cancel and Google Chrome still runs, however I'm trying to get a better understanding on how this works. I couldn't find any RHEL documentation on this.