RHCOS not booting on Bare Metal Server

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(Installing RHOSP UPI)
Trying to boot up RHCOS 4.4.3 image on Dell c6525 server(BareMetal) but observing that the OS does not boot up after the below details are entered in the Grub menu:


After entering getting the below error:
(refer image rpviewer_1.png)
error: ../../grub-core/kern/fs.c:168: invalid file name
'coreos.inst.install_dev=sda' .

Press any key to continue..
rhcos boot failure

followed up by the kernel dump shown in the image below.

rhcos boot failure_2<img

Environment details:

Uploaded the ISO image to the Server using iDRAC console, Virtual media -> Map CD/DVD-> selected ISO from my local files system -> Boot -> virtual CD/DVD -> power on

RHCOS 4.4.3 version ISO image used.

May i know why this might be happening? any help would be very much appreciated.


What is the full grub boot context? It seems like it is interpreting 'coreos.inst.install_dev=sda' as a parameter for the prior item.

@Stephen if i enter the parameters by giving a new line then it doesnt even reflect during boot. It by default assumes that no parameters were given. Is there a way i can append these params?

Rajath - it's impossible to tell unless you screencap the grub boot lines or type them out here so that we can help troubleshoot.