help installing amdgpu pro drivers on RHEL 7.8 - dell 7424

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I have a Dell Latitude 7424 with RX 540 MD. I have been trying to get the amdgpu drivers (currently version 20.30) to install and function, but no matter what I've tried, when the system boots, I can get to the log in screen, (usually), type in the password, then the computer hangs. I cannot get to any virtual terminals, etc... I have to reboot, blacklist amdgpu, and then uninstall.

I have tried different window managers, etc... to no avail. a few kernel options as well.

Currently, the only error I see in the Xorg logs is: modeset(G0): glamor: Failed to create GL or GLES2 contexts
and glamor initialization failed.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: i had the wrong model of AMD card. I misread the number on it and didn't realize that the proprietary AMD drivers strangely don't support the 540. They only go back to the 550.


Hi Andrew,

Why do you want to install proprietary drivers ? RHEL ships the open source AMD drivers which work perfectly out-of-the-box.
It would be a different thing if you had an NVIDIA graphics adapter, where the nouveau drivers miss re-clocking support due to
NVIDIA "blocking firmware access" (up until now). I'd recommend you stick with the open source AMD drivers, they just work. :)


RHEL 7.8 did not appear to make use of the amdgpu when using DRI_PRIME=1 out of the box when I started looking at it awhile ago. Just tried it again, and it looks like you are correct. the 540X does appear to be in use when switching over. I must have mis-remembered what I had tried before... :/

I also installed the elrepo 5.8 kernel-ml, which also worked fine on the laptop.

Glad you could get it sorted out, Andrew ! :)