Getting error while starting process from Java Client Api

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the request i am sending by postman to java client APIMy business process and process variables.Hi team,
When I am starting the business process from Java Client API in a Hashmap with all the process variables to start my process, its giving error
"Unable to create response: [approve_vacation_request.ApproveVacation:6 - Approve Vacation Request:6] -- [approve_vacation_request.ApproveVacation:6 - Start Split:5] -- Exception when trying to evaluate constraint Rejected in split Start Split".
Approve vacation is my demo business process name and approve vacation request my project name. Here Start split is a gateway whose logic is if one boolean field in an object is true it goes another path otherwise another path.
But the same inputs when I pass by Business central its working fine for me, and the business process is getting completed. Can someone tell me what is the issue?My business process and process variables.My start process Java Client API code