Debugging Process design Flow in Business Central

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Hi ,

I have designed a process flow in RHPAM - Business central as per the use case and deployed and then executed in Business Central only
There are some errors to be checked which will get cleared only after debugging.
As the business process is huge, not able to figure out where excatly the issue is and at what node.
Only way to see the error is through server logs which is very much useful.
But at the same time if will be really helpful if we have a debugging tool with in RHPAM itself which will reduce the time of investigating the issues.
Currently i am downloading the bpmn file and opening in a notepapad plus and checking the error sand then uploading it again.
Could someone suggest how to debug a process flow in RHPAM business central?.

I have downloaded the latest version of RHPAM - 7.8.
OS - Windows