Developer Program src.rpm scope of usage

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding using src.rpm obtained via Red Hat Developer Subscription.

For example, point by point:
- got src.rpm via RH Developer Subscription
- modified and rebuilt in CentOS/Fedora/My RH-based distribution this src.rpm in a way I need
- provided support on rebuilt binaries to third party, sold them or whatever else

Is it in violation of Red Hat’s Enterprise Agreement and should I pay any Red Hat Subscription Fee in such scenario?


Hi Mixei,

The code itself is open source, but the license part is 'tricky'. As we are volunteers and not Red Hat employees here, you
definitely should contact a Red Hat representative to get a valid answer on if you can sell the modified code to others. :)


Thanks for replying

I am just curious is obtaining src.rpm via RH Developer Program is equal to obtaining the same imported sources from Those all because those sources sometimes "get lost" on the way :)

Mixei, if you want to be on the safe side, simply use the CentOS sources ... the code should be the same. :)


Well as you said before, the code is open sources. So, why don't just open src.rpm Download link for anonym user on Just as 2nd way of obtaining them. Just proposal in case RH is reading this :)