Is OCP 4.6 available for the 60 day trial in OpenShift Container Platform 4 ?

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Hello all,
is OCP 4.6 or is it only OCP 4.5 that's available for the 60 day trial ?
It does mention OpenShift 4.5 in the Experimental Developer Preview Builds page.

Many thanks.


Hi Pat,

I looked about, and I only saw 4.5 available. Try calling which says it's for production, but that page seems to be Red Hat contacts for their products, not just OpenShift. Hopefully those people can guide you on how to get 4.6 for an evaluation.


Thanks RJ. If I run the installer, it tells me

[openshift]# ./openshift-install version
./openshift-install 4.5.8
built from commit 0d5c871ce7d03f3d03ab4371dc39916a5415cf5c
release image

Looking at there seems to be 4.6 tagged images e.g. 4.6.0-fc.6-x86_64 I'll contact redhat to see if the installer is release specific or can a value be passed to it to change it from 4.5.8 to 4.6.0