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Hi guys !

I'm new in your Linux world ; my project is to assemble a SAP HANA server for personal use only, i'm SAP developer.

To date, i'm trying to install the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA for x86_64. I downloaded the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 Binary DVD on the page:

The binary have a 1.17 Mo size (???).

I want to be able to boot from a USB key, so i used the following command on my Linux Mint:

dd status=progress if=rhel-8.2-x86_64-dvd.iso of=/dev/sdb

Ok, copy done... but the USB key is not bootable: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device..."

I also tried to burn the ISO to DVD, and same issue :(

I also noticed that the SHA-256 check sum must be "c114d307dd25827dd6619a8da5d73551ab505edcc8736949926e04a0d3ece4d8" but i don't find this value...

Any help is welcome :)


Did you check that the sha256sum of the iso you downloaded matched the checksum given on the download page (sha256sum /path/to/iso)? If they don't match then you have a bad copy of the iso - probably truncated.

Hi Michael, thank you for your answer.

Indeed the check sum didn't match, so i downloaded it again without Downloader Manager, and now it's ok :)

However, it still does not work, the USK key doesn't boot, i tried also with DVD burned.