Cntrl-C does not work with new install of RHEL 8.2

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After installing RHEL 8.2, opening the default terminal from the upper left hand corner menu, cntrl-c does not work in this terminal.

In fact, I can not get cntrl- to work.

In Firefox, cntrl-T does not open a new tab

In any text editor, cntrl-A does not select all.

I plugged my keyboard into a Windows PC, my 'cntrl' key is functional.

It's just not working with RHEL 8.2

sometimes hitting cntrl in a window prints 'ty' like 'tyc'

Also after hitting cntrl-c , the RHEL system begins autofilling , auto entering random text for me, I'm not sure where this comes from.

Why is this the default behavior for a newly installed system?

Very frustrated with this release, it's jacking up my day, my productivity all around.


This is certainly not the default behavior, so something is wrong.

You can try using showkey to see what scancode is sent when pressing and releasing the Ctrl keys. (you might have to type "sudo showkey")