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We have a Dell server, we have installed RHEL8 on it.
Now we want only the updates from Red Hat, which subscription plan can we chose?
Need your advice.


Hi Vijay, and welcome to our community ! :)

First you need to register the RHEL system :

sudo subscription-manager register
sudo subscription-manager refresh

Search for the Pool ID of your subscription :

sudo subscription-manager list --available

Attach the subscription to the RHEL system:

sudo subscription-manager attach --pool=<Pool-ID>

Check which Red Hat repos are enabled :

sudo subscription-manager repos --list-enabled

Check which Red Hat repos are disabled :

sudo subscription-manager repos --list-disabled

Enable or disable specific Red Hat repos :

sudo subscription-manager repos --enable <repository> sudo subscription-manager repos --disable <repository>

Then check/update the software sources :

sudo dnf upgrade



Please let us know the result of the good information Christian provided you,


Hi Vijay,

What do you mean by subscription plan?

The responses I see until now, is how to register.

If you refer to what kind of subscription would fit your needs, it is seems to be a self-support subscription. That would only cover download and apply patches.

If you need to be able to create support cases too, you have two options:

  • standard support: only support during local office hours and longer response times by Red Hat.
  • premium support: 24/7 support quicker response times by Red Hat.

Premium support is more expensive.

As price vary by region and volume, please contact Red Hat sales and choice the correct region on the site.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hey Jan,

"The responses I see until now, is how to register." ... well, my response provides more than that, it provides
the whole process to achieve what Vijay had asked for : "Now we want only the updates from Red Hat" ... :)


Hi Christian,

You are correct.

It is a runbook to use after you have a subscription to get the system up and running to get patch the process in place.


Jan Gerrit