Entering in "Maintenance Support 2 phase" is the same as release date of RHEL 7.9?

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Dear all.

The sentence "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is entering the Maintenance Support 2 phase of the product life cycle on August 6, 2020. See the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle document for more information" is the same as saying that RHEL 7.9 will be release for general public on 6th August?

I'm asking because we have a maintenance on this date, and it seems that Linbit needs a few days to update the DRBD modules for the kernel.

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It's nice to see someone watching the product lifecycle so closely :)

The transition to the various phases is based on release dates of prior minor releases, not on any upcoming future release date.

My understanding is that RHEL 7 going to Maint 2 is based on the release date of RHEL 7.7 which was August 6, 2019.