How many license I need for the Virtualization guest.

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It is hard to understand how Redhat license work for guest.

Along with I read the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription guide below:

It seems I need to pay the license for Host by socket and pay the 1/2 license for guest. (page 8-9)

e.g If I want to use 2 socket physical server and install Redhat Enterprise Linux with KVM as a Host and there are 4 Redhat Enterprise Linux as a guest, How many license I need?

As I understand the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, it seems I need 1 license for 2 physical socket server for REL for Host and 2 license for 4 guests.

So I need 3 license total for this system.

Is it correct calculation ?




Hi Kwan,

It is best to contact customer services in your region. To my understanding in a RHEL subscription for 2 sockets the subscriptions for 4 guests are included, but as I am not 100% sure.

I use RHEL without a RH Satellite server. In my case the Satellite server + virt-who counts the number of Virtual guest subscriptions. I do not know how CDN counts the Virtual guest subscriptions.


Jan Gerrit