Moving a VM from RHEV to a KVM virtlib VirtHost

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Hi guys thanks for all your help.

So I have some older KVM hosts. I need to move something off of my RHEV environment and to this other older site with the KVM to deal with a networking issue.

KVM host is Centos 6.6 with libvirt 0.10.2

I was going to:
1. export the VM to the export domain within RHVM.
2. attach the RHEV export domain as an NFS share on the KVM
3. import using VIRSH on KVM

RHEV export domain images as UUID?

but the image type is raw and the file is a GUID with a .meta.

Maybe there is a better way?
Can anyone have point me to some information?

I should have learning center subscription access next week to check out that migration course.

Help matching exported disk to label
match up uuid

Top: Host: export_domain NFS share I think
Bottom: RHEV Export_domain VM import list


If the raw file is a disk image, the libvirt system should handle that without a problem. You can check that with fdisk -l /path/to/rawfile and you'll see a partition table containing the VM disks.

if the raw file is an OVF, then our virt-convert tool should be able to change that into a libvirt VM, it's in the virt-manager package.

I'm not sure what the meta file is, but a UUID is only 37 bytes and that's 329 bytes, so perhaps it contains a basic system description or it's the OVF metadata description?

Thanks Jamie! I was able to check the process list to match the VM name to the UUID of the image.

ps -ef | grep (VM)

"-drive file=/rhev/data-center/00000002-0002-0002-0002-000000000122/2cf4862a-cc51-4870-939f-8a58ba0492f2/images/45010df2-d93e-4fec-96eb-6901cd5311d1/3cfc8009-c099-43b5-a754-ebd459126456"

Following this article: CONVERT LINUX KVM MACHINES

to qemu-img convert

'ps -ef' is the quick and easy way - you can also use the following:

 virsh -r list --all
 virsh -r domblklist <vm-name>

The '/var/run/vdsm/storage/' part will be a symlink to the actual location.

For file based storage, RHV keeps the images in either qcow2 or raw format, so you shouldn't need to do a convert unless you are collapsing snapshots (or a VM thin provisioned from a template)