How to identify the Content view version from a client

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Is there a way we can get the content view version/ description from a client machine which is registered to satellite 6.

The reason I am asking is, once I release a new version of content view how do we ensure client has the right version of content view from the client.


That is a great question and I would love to know the answer if someone has it.

Hello, the CV version is hidden for the Content Host. The reason is, once you promote a new version of a Content View (CV) to the Host's Lifecycle Environment (LE), you would have to redundantly update the host to keep it aligned. As the relevant information is rather CV and LE names "only", for the Content Host. Both is accessible e.g. via:

# subscription-manager identity
system identity: 626fbb84-9683-4bfa-b591-eb1ec66c6bea
org name: RedHat
org ID: RedHat
environment name: Devel/cv_test

Here, the environment name tells us that this system is assigned to Devel LE and cv_test CV. Optionally, you can get the same info from e.g.:

# grep baseurl /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo
baseurl =$basearch/sat-maintenance/6/os

Comapre the RedHat/Devel/cv_test/ part with above info.

If you need to know what CV version is set for given CV and LE, then you have several options:

1) In WebUI, navigate to the Content View -> Versions, and grep for the LE name.

2) hammer content-view version list (optionally filtered by --content-view or --environment or --organization) will give you a similar info on one place.