Cloud Accss: RHEL8 image rejected for AWS

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After following the instructions here to upload an image for RHEL, I get the error found at the bottom of the post.

Obviously this is no good - if I can't upload an image, I can't use my cloud access subscription. This also fails with an 8.1 image.

      "Description": "RHEL 8.2",
      "ImportTaskId": "import-ami-01bcfe1f003d227fc",
      "Platform": "Linux",
      "SnapshotDetails": [
          "DiskImageSize": 3394240512,
          "Format": "RAW",
          "Status": "completed",
          "UserBucket": {
            "S3Bucket": "raw-import-bucket",
            "S3Key": "86eeefbf-e6ba-445a-b267-be34c6dd189c-disk.ami"
      "Status": "deleting",
      "StatusMessage": "ClientError: Unable to determine kernel version.",
      "Tags": []


Update: AWS says that importing images from RHEL8 is not supported. That should probably be noted in the documentation.

Please try to convert the image to snapshot firstly, and then register it as AMI. Using a custom base image deploying a virtual machine on aws

I can upload Image Builder generated '.ami' file and convert it to AMI successfully. It is a know limitation now if you are using "aws ec2 import-image" directly.