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I have setup session recording in cockpit, but I still don't see it recording any of my sessions, could it be because logging in as root doesn't trigger sssd?

cat /etc/sssd/conf.d/sssd-session-recording.conf

This is what authselect is using, its just default:

$ authselect current
No existing configuration detected.

And here is nsswitch.conf:
passwd: sss files systemd
shadow: files sss
group: sss files systemd
hosts: files dns myhostname
services: files sss
netgroup: sss
automount: files sss


I guess no one uses session recording?

You probably figured it out by now but for it to record as root you need to edit /etc/passwd and change root's shell to '/usr/bin/tlog-rec-session'

why is that? Other users still have bash as their shell and it works.