JBoss7.3 - Order of Deployment - Dependency of .war file

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We have two war files in which one is dependent on other to complete it's deployment. [eg : arcotafm.war is depenedent on arcotsm.war]

Though we have mentioned as below, the

Even if we mentioned and depoyed the two wars the arcotafm.war is not coming up and giving error about connection to arcotsm fails.
Note : This is working fine in JBoss7.0 even if we don't mention the dependency here.


Hi AShokkumar,

I am also someone who use CA Adapter (arcotasm.war and arcotafm.war) and had the same issue today.

I can tell  you what I did to solve the issue, without involving changing JBoss settings.

ArcotAFM (adapter) has a setting in $ARCOT_HOME/conf/afm/arcotafm.properties to disable the initial request from arcotafm to arcotsm that cause this issue, and this behavior is documented.

Below is a snippet of arcotafm.properties file that describes de behavior and possible solution:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup parameter causes arcotafm to make a test-token creation call when the Web application is being started.


NOTE: This test might cause the application server to stop responding if arcotafm and arcotsm are deployed together on the same application server. The order in which the applications are initialized might cause this test to run before arcotsm has been initialized. When deploying this scenario, set the value to false.


Valid values are 'true' or 'false'. Optional setting.


Defaults to true -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup=true ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup=false

Setting "ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup" to "false" solved my issue and now "arcotafm.war" is coming up.

Apart from this solution, I would also like to know if JBoss itself has a way to do an ordered war deploy or checking dependencies.

Before I found the solution above I tried with JBoss' "deployment-overlay" adding a "jboss-all.xml" to /META-INF and /WEB-INF with the dependency of "arcotsm.war" to the "arcotafm.war" deployment with no success.

Hi Marlos Chida , Great needful. It's working fine with these setting. Thanks alot for your response.

Regards, Ashok