Single iso for rhel 5.0 installation

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For rhel 5.0 i386/x86_64 installation, is it possible to find a single iso instead of a set of 5/6 iso?
If not, anyway to combine them into a single iso?


I don't know if a single installation ISO is available, but it's certainly possible to create a single, custom ISO.

A brief overview of one approach:

  1. Copy all contents of the first installation ISO to a working directory - be sure .discinfo and .treeinfo are included!
  2. Copy all RPM files from the remaining installation ISOs to a location in the working directory.
  3. Create a package repository in the working directory - something like createrepo -g repodata/comps.xml .
  4. Build the bootable ISO image from the contents of the working directory. Depending on your host OS, this will involve mkisofs or genisoimage.

Probably the best resource on the command needed to build the bootable ISO is Red Hat's "Anaconda Customization Guide". The linked document is for RHEL 7, but I seem to recall guides for earlier RHEL versions, too (a quick web search did not reveal them).

There are other approaches, as well, such as building a bootable USB drive, or hosting the package repository on a dedicated partition on the target system.

Hello zj oh,

Surprised.... are really want to install RHEL5.0? I don't wish to state the reason behind this, you might be very well aware of that. Well, if there is really situation which demands for that then you may try out the steps suggested by Robert. I simply recommend that use latest RHEL8/7 released images.

All the best!