Can I do repository mirror based on organization or namespaces

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Dear experts:
in Quay 3.2, when I do repository mirror, I find it seems only support mirror based on a explicit repository, such as, but if I want to mirror based on the namespace or organization, such as , mirror all of the repository, I can not find how to set up.
Does it support the function?


Not yet but it's on the Quay roadmap, tracked in our backlog here: The epic this user stories belongs to contains a bunch of related stories such as mirroring entire OpenShift or the operatorhub as well. So far not associated with a release yet, we aim to deliver selected stories of the repository mirroring backlog (epic) with each release (phased approach).

In the meantime you can use the Quay API to automate the repo mirroring configuration to achieve the same goal. There are several ansible playbooks out there to make it even easier.

HTH Dirk Product Manager Quay

Thank you, Dirk.