create view from xml column

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hi , please I want to ask a question ...i need to convert string to xml? how I could do it, as error appears at convertion to xml thanks at advance


You would use the XML functions -

first thanks for your help ...yes I did that already, but when I try any of these functions , query failed without obvious error..error "".

That error is on the Connectionprofile, is it configured for the source model?

what's meaning of configured for the source model ? i created view and edit transformation and add new column (type xml) and try to cast string column into xml ...but this errors appear when i use xmlparse or xmlcomment or ano other xml function

What is the source for the view model?

soucre from CSV file , and it contains column string ( but it's xml structure)... error is

error is and it appears when I convert any type into xml , if I convert from xml into string it works