hpuefi module failed to load on Z2 G4

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Hi All,
I'm regularly using the HP tool 'hp-flash' (and 'hpuefi-mod') to manage BIOS thru RHEL for Z240 Workstations (UEFI boot).
With the Z2 G4 (same RHEL Master used to setup the Workstation), unable to load the module (the build from source RPM is correct) :

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'hpuefi': Required key not available
mknod: missing operand after ‘0’

Have tried with different releases of the module (3.00-1, 3.02-1), or kernel, but definitely something goes wrong or is missing with the Z2 G4.
Any idea ?



FYI issue is identified. BIOS was setup with "Secure Boot" by default, and the module 'hpuefi' is not signed. I've missed the clear message "modprobe: ... required key not available"...