difference between startx and display-manager.service

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We have used Teamviewer 12 some time now to support our customers Servers. But it doesn't seem to work with RHEL 8.1, but neither does Teamviewer 15. The Teamviewer daemon is running, but Teamviwer will not start. Not even when I install it for no GUI. I was told by Teamviewer, that I needed to add a dummy driver to emulate a Monitor on X. I have tried this, but could not get it to work either. See Link below. I know it is not for RHEL, but it should still work or?

I got Teamviewer running. But it is not a correct solution.
I entered the command "systemctl start display-manager.service" and then logged in with User Fern. I could then reach my server via Teamviewer.
But when logging out, Display Manager is always open. After I closed it with "systemctl stop display-manager.service", tty was broken. Even after restarting tty it didn't work. I could reboot the server and then back to normal.
What is the difference between the "startx" and "display-manager.service"?
How I can I get Teamviewer to see Monitor on X?
And no, I am not allowed to GUI running all the time.


Roger Gardner