Error creating data source from model

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I create a teiid project and create table from xml file , but it always give error
" a data source with JINDI name failed to deploy" , and when I try to create data source error appers "DATA source type file doesnot exist on the server"


This appears to be related to your other issue with translators, check your configuration for your translators and resource adapters. These are all installed by default, how did you install Data Virtualization?

I do need to make you aware that JBoss Data Virtualization is EOL (End Of Life) on Jan 31, 2020 [1]. There is an ELS-1 phase entitlement that can be purchased, but you would need to pursue with your account team.


No , I fixed the translators issue and all translators now exist , but still the same problem appear only at xml file , it works fine with mysql and csv file , but same error with xml files, any help please ?

Installed from this link by install Quick-Start Kit and continue tutorial , problem was teiid not downloaded , i fix translators issue with downloading teiid and put it at jboss server

Do you mean xml file as datasource, see

yes i follow this tutorial , and when i try to preview data , this error appears " a data source with JINDI name failed to deploy"

is there an error in the designer log or the server log that gives more information?

no error at logs , only this error appears first "required data sources are not deployed on the server , do you wish to create them?" , when i enter yes this error apperas " a data source with JINDI name failed to deploy"

I suggest you open a support ticket and have them take a look.

how can i do it please ?

Log into the Customer support portal and navigate to Support Cases - and click on Open a Case. You will need to have an ELS support entitlement for Data Virtualization and be using the Data Virtualization product to get support, it appears that you are using the teiid community project instead. If you want to continue with the community version you can ask for assistance on the community site -

Just to re-iterate again, the Data Virtualization product is end of life, it is not recommended to start using a product that is already out of support. Moving forward, the JDV/Teiid technology is going to be in the Red Hat Integration product [1], though is currently still considered a Tech Preview technology as indicated in the documentation [2].

[1] Red Hat Integration -

[2] Data Integration -

do you mean that redhat jboss DV supported just for developer mode (and no support) but customer version need to be purchased ? I got confused please clarify?

DV is end of life, it went out of support January 2020, feel free to use it, but if you want to get support from Red Hat Global Support you need to purchase an Extended Life Support entitlement for it. You mentioned earlier that you downloaded teiid and installed it into EAP, teiid is the Community project that DV was built on and it is not supported by Red Hat Global Support, you would need to post on the Community forums to get assistance with it.

Yes , I got it . I use developver version just for development purpose and to understand the tool and it's capabilities