Satellite Embedded Database / Backup

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I'm trying to get a definitive answer as to what embedded database is used for Red Hat Satellite.

All i can find is both postgres and Mango DB are both installed but which one is used is it both or can you select.

As it appears when you want to use a external database you can use either.

Related to this are there maintenance tools to manage the Embedded database as well as do backups.

Can someone please help or point me in the right direction

Thank You in Advance


Satellite uses two databases, a mongoDB database and a PostgreSQL database. You can use an external database for either (or both), but I strongly suggest reading this article before using an external database.

Thank You Rich - We don't plan to use external database as we don't have any DBA to support as well as the fact we have nowhere a big enough estate of servers to justify it

From your comment i'm understanding as that both are used as the embedded database - which is all i need to document but the link helps for me to explain why an external database is not required or recommended for our setup

Hi Naddem,

I really recommended that you go for integrated DB!! Because of PG and Mongo are two different DB working for the same system, the only way to do a safe backup is shutting down the application to make sure that data will be at the same point on both db’s!!

Other good reason, upgrades!! Beleave me, Satellite is a amazing product, but has many bugs, and the upgrade process can be dolorous (My last took more than 15 Hours) and could be much worst if i hadn’t integrated DB!

About performance, in my case it is not a problem (100Gb of ram / 48 Cores), even with more than 15k clients!

Good luck my friend.


Thanks for that information - that is a lot of resources - i'm just working of recommended specifications at moment.

I'm sure if it's best to ask here or open a new thread but i wanted to know

1) Is Postgres / MangoDB encrypted in any shape (Embedded version) - Just section i need to fill out on form 2) Can you install Red Hat Satellite without Plup as at this moment we only using Satellite for licence