No ver 8 on Workstation?

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Hi i brought a subscription on Workstation on the download the newest version was some beta of version 7 i did not find version 8 i don't care so much mostly because version 7 does not have dnf. Why is is there no version 8 for Workstation? Will version 8 eventually come to Workstation?


RHEL8 does away with the separate distinction between products like "Server" and "Workstation". It's all just "RHEL 8" and the different install types are handled in the installer and with what subscription management provides to the package manager.

So technically the last "RHEL Workstation" was indeed RHEL 7 Workstation, which is why you see that in the downloads.

You have a current valid entitlement, so you should be able to download RHEL 8 and install it using the Workstation type in the installer, then register it for access to the workstation package set.

An example of the install process is given at:

RHEL 8 should be currently downloadable at:

Ok first i tried RHEL 8 when i opened the registration the only subscription available was Sattelite infrastructure. So if i try again can i unregister from RHEL 7 than register again?

Hmm, I am not sure here. Try give Customer Service a call to confirm your subscription details.

Even the self-support subscriptions have technical support on "how to actually register to get updates".