SAP HANA daemons running in unconfined state .

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Hi Team , we are running SAP HANA with Redhat 7.6 Linux .

Based on below commands some HANA daemons output as Unconfined demons. we are working to make our environment secure .

ps -eZ | egrep "initrc" | egrep -vw "tr|ps|egrep|bash|awk" | tr ':' ' ' | awk '{ print $NF }'

saphostexec sapstartsrv sapstartsrv saposcol sapstart hdbnameserver hdbrsutil hdbcompileserve hdbpreprocessor hdbindexserver hdbxsengine hdbrsutil hdbwebdispatche

Could you please help us on how we can protect them with policy.

Thanks In Advance