SAP HANA daemons running in unconfined state .

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Hi Team , we are running SAP HANA with Redhat 7.6 Linux .

Based on below commands some HANA daemons output as Unconfined demons. we are working to make our environment secure .

ps -eZ | egrep "initrc" | egrep -vw "tr|ps|egrep|bash|awk" | tr ':' ' ' | awk '{ print $NF }'

saphostexec sapstartsrv sapstartsrv saposcol sapstart hdbnameserver hdbrsutil hdbcompileserve hdbpreprocessor hdbindexserver hdbxsengine hdbrsutil hdbwebdispatche

Could you please help us on how we can protect them with policy.

Thanks In Advance


Hi Ravi, Where you able to address this? if so, can you share the information as i am in same boat.

regards chandra