Password Security: How to Enable Apache Subversion User Password Encryption on gnome-keyring on Redhat 7.x ?

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I am looking for any redhat document that lays out how to enable password encryption for svn (apache subversion) users on Gnome keyring infrastructure on Redhat Linux 7.x.

Following links have steps for setting up password encryption on gnome keyring:

I followed the procedures outlined in the above two links. But, the process did not lead to encrypted passwords on Redhat 7.x.

Additional Info:
Redhat website has posted some references to gnome-keyring password disablement or reset:

Archlinux wiki on gnome-keyring has a process described for archlinux ( ). Will it be applicable to Redhat Linux 7.5x?

There is a link that describes use cases for gnome-keyring:


Hello Anil Kumar, and welcome to the Red Hat Discussion area

I'm not sure if this link is a fit for your issue, but please examine it. Examine the replies there.

This is for RHEL 6, but it might point you in the right direction.

This does not apply, it is for git, not svn. However, in RHEL 7.6, I saw this The helper to store credentials in a GNOME keyring is now available in the git-gnome-keyring subpackage.
I'm curious why you can't upgrade to RHEL 7.7?

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Hi RJ:

You asked me "I'm curious why you can't upgrade to RHEL 7.7?". Is there documentation available on "Apache Subversion User Password Encryption on gnome-keyring" for RHEL 7.7 that I could use?

Best Regards, AK

Hi RJ,

I actually followed both "" & "". Also, I am unable to find location(s) where gnome-keyring & password are stored on a redhat server. Will you know if they are hidden by kernel-level keyring subsystem (

Best Regards AK


You mentioned that, and I missed it. Apologies.

I checked around, I think the gnome-keyring are perhaps stored at ~/.local/share/keyrings or perhaps ~/.gnome2/keyring/. or perhaps the location this link mentions gives a general idea of the location. You can do this command to verify:

This find command will look for anything with "key" in the name. I saw different locations in some research.

find /home/youruserid_goes_here -name "*key*"


Hi RJ,

Doing find search, I find the following location:


At this point, I do not see any keyring in that location.

Let me work on another redhat server and start the whole process from the very beginning.

I will update once I have the new environment ready for test.

Best Regards AK