RHEL 7 Web Console (cockpit) and Identity Manager (IdM) ?

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The RHEL 8 docs on cockpit show how to connect up with IdM.
The RHEL 7 docs do not.

I have an IdM server and a RHEL 7 IdM client.
I installed cockpit and was able to log in using it.

When I moved the mouse cursor over "Join Domain", I got a popup that says "Cannot join a domain because realmd is not available on this system"

I am hesitant to just "yum install realmd" because I do not want to mess up the IdM client setup.


realmd is just a little D-Bus interface around ipa-client-install and similar tools for AD (this is oversimplified a bit). Installing it by itself does not change the configuration of IdM or your system, it's just a more generic API for projects like Cockpit. So if the machine is already joined to a domain, installing realmd will just have the effect that cockpit shows the domain and some information about it.

Martin Pitt

Hi Martin,

Welcome to our community ! Cool to see you here, glad you're with us now. Let me say a "BIG THANK YOU" for your excellent
work on Cockpit. I'm using it since the very beginning and the improvements and the overall great usability you have achieved
are simply awesome ! Oh, and Hi Daniel, sorry for having "misused" your thread for my statement - but that had to be said ... :)


Heh, thanks Christian! I don't get notified though, as I am (ab?)using our cockpit-team@ account, which doesn't get email to a sensible place. But I'm happy to answer stuff if someone points me to a question, of course!


Hi Martin,

You're welcome ! You may want to consider creating your own (Red Hat Developer) account. :)