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I'm using RH Satellite 6.6 to manage a mixture of RHEL 6/7/8 servers. For Red Hat repositories I can create a Composite Content View containing repositories for more than one OS version. Somehow Satellite only presents the valid Red Hat OS repositories in the CV to the hosts. However, for other repositories, such as EPEL, I end up with RHEL6 and RHEL7 hosts seeing both EPEL6 and EPEL7 repositories.

Some details:-
Product Name: EPEL
Repos in EPEL: epel_6server_x86_64 & epel_7server_x86_64
Content View: baseEPEL - Contains both repos
baseEPEL added to a composite CV that's used by many hosts

Is there a way to ensure RHELv6 hosts use the 6server repo and RHELv7 hosts use the 7server repo without having to manually Enable/Disable the Repository Sets for every Content Host?


Hi Steve,

When we’re planning the installation we reached that point, and we did not figured out how to solve it, that’s why we have one content view for each major version! Not a big deal to keep it working :), for us work just fine.

Good luck

Similarly, we used 1 large content view for different major versions and it was sort of cumbersome. Since then, I've made different CV's for different major releases (base OS only) + CV's for additional software (epel, custom internal software etc...) and set up Composite CV's to which the hosts are assigned.

Alternatively, you could manually enable/disable whichever repos in your big content view on a host-by-host basis on the 'Repository Sets' tab of each content host's page. (followed by a refresh of the host's subscription). I think that would work...