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Were can I find the release notes (not releases) for the openshift client (oc) and openshift installer tools? The installers from the infrastructure page at has the tooling download links and a release.txt but to my eye it does not have release notes.


Hi Darragh,

At the Red Hat documentation

For any of these, click the link and for each product, release notes are there

Try the link at I did not see anything for "OpenShift Client" or "OpenShift installer tools" as you mentioned. What I did find is above. However, I went to, and for example, I clicked on Openshift Container Platform version 4.3, and when I did, the documentation at this link has release notes at left in the left navigation.

I could not find the specific items you mentioned at - Where did you find the things you mentioned

Quoting you from above

openshift client (oc) and openshift installer tools

Darragh, where did you find "Openshift Client" and "Openshift Installer Tools"? Do you have a link for those things? I could not find those two items you mentioned at or