DNF giving unnecessary imformation.

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After latest update everytime I run sudo dnf update or sudo dnf repolist it shows me list of all disabled repos too. And it shows with a b' flag what does that mean ? How can i remove this behavior ?



Please any help ? This is not a normal behavior as i can see on my other machine :(

Hi Jatin,

I only have a single small RHEL 8.1 server for playing around.

I could not see "b" flag.

These commands should work for you:

# dnf repolist --enabled

# dnf repolist --disabled


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

I fixed it by doing

sudo mkdir -p /var/log/rhsm

I deleted my logs to clean some space before so i think because of that rhsm file got deleted after i recreated it its normal again