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I'm trying to customize an ISO image of RHEL6.3/x86_64 Server, I simply need to add a few more packages during installation.
I'm doing the following:
-> mounting ISO image
-> copying content locally
-> modification of the xml file in Server/repodata
-> sorting xml with xsltproc
-> createrepo ...
-> mkisofs ...

All work fine, my new packages are added and installed when I test the new iso image ...
However, I need now to add also packages for i686 and this does not work. I tried with option arch='i686' in xls file like this:


but this does not work -> x86_64 version of e2fsprogs-devel is installed instead.
Does somebody know a way to include/install i686 packages in an x86_64 distribution ?
Support send me to this page: but does not seem to fit my needs.
Thanks in advance for you help,


Sorry to see the solution provided by support wasn't able to help out with this. Perhaps someone in the community here can offer a suggestion.

The problem is, most likely, not an issue with your actual ISO image. It is the method by which your are installing. If you are building via kickstart, then specify the package "e2fsprogs-devel.i686" in the packages section. Otherwise if you are installing on a 64-bit platform and no other package being installed specifically requires (in the rpm itself) the 32-bit version, it will not be installed.

If you going through the trouble of creating a custom ISO, which can be done a few ways. Then create a kickstart in the root of your image and point anaconda to it. Specify your packages and you should be good.

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve.

Alain, please let us know if this helps resolve your issue.