Developers subscription: bug fixes and security patches?

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Good morning,

having registered as a developer, I wanted to ask you for clarification regarding something reported in the Developer Program Terms & Conditions
where it says: and may not address known security vulnerabilities.
Since I intended to install red hat 8.1 on my personal laptop so as to become familiar with the operating system, I thought that not only system updates but also security-related updates were guaranteed with this type of subscription.
My laptop would be used for the study of red hat but also for the use of Firefox for the Internet and I would therefore not want it to remain exposed to any security problems encountered by Red Hat regarding the operating system or some package.
With the developer subscription will my system download and find all the same updates automatically or manually launching them including bug fixes and security patches that download and find other systems with different subscriptions or not?

Thanks and best regards.

Fabio Danzetta.


Hi Fabio,

Short and precise : you get all updates with the developer subscription, right as with a paid subscription. :)
The word "may" is a bit misleading in the T&C's, so you will get all security and other updates for RHEL 8 !


Hi Christian,

Thank you so much once again.

Best regards.


You're welcome, Fabio ! Enjoy the Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience. :)